Monday, 9 December 2013

The Robin Journey...

I took part this year in an artist open house...In Brighton it is popular for artists to open their house and create there own gallery. I decided to make hanging robins for the one I was in.. I thought about 15 or so would be enough and the first batch was using my favourite method of stitch and paint on canvas...

These sold very I made more...this time on blanket and I added party hats and sequins to these..

These also sold... I realised that I made them as singles mostly...all facing the same way.

 A dear friend and quite a romantic said to about making some more to face be couples <3 

Funny this as I am single and somehow had done this unconsciously...maybe the sewing process is telling me

They got so popular I had to limit the amount I made to stop myself having enough!

I gave 2 away on my FB page...

I never want to become a factory and like to make things for enjoyment... SO one last batch made for people who ordered from me...

 Some couples too!

Next year whatever I do I now know to make MORE...

Sunday, 15 September 2013

How I go about making a detail...!

The Baby name canvas for NEW Grandmother Caroline.....

First off all it starts with a conversation...talking with a new grandmother (very excited...first grandchild!) about having something made to celebrate. Together we decide a name canvas would be good...can be hung on a nail on the wall or propped up on a mantelpiece...something to keep forever. It is the season of meadows and we decide the design will have a meadow and butterflies and bees...I then spend time looking at one in my local park...

Then I make a rough sketch on paper of the flowers and work out the layout...3 names in total...I decide to make them small and coming out of the meadow on flowers...

Stitching in reverse onto Medium weight untreated artist canvas I follow the design...pretty much! Here is the real side..

Now to printing the names onto an old vintage tablecloth...this bit is fiddly and I had many attempts before deciding on these ones...I have appliquéd some flowers cut from some old Jonelle (*John lewis 70's ) fabric and an old shirt I picked up at a friends clothes swap.

Printed the date with my new stamps bought in the lovely Wickle shop in Lewes...
Then off the the painting table..

With this one i want to keep to naturalistic it is like the meadow as much as possible. I tend to paint in big batches using watercolour pencils and paints..more delicate colours ...if i am working on a big piece them i will use acrylic paints and sometimes stitch into them.

I decided i wanted a button on this to the button tins to choose a small pink one. I love old buttons..

Then to add the canvas to a frame with a staple gun...fiddly this bit!

Tada...all done ready for Caroline to come and collect tomorrow and give to her daughter...what a delight to make! 

Monday, 26 August 2013

Facebook fun...

My social media far..

I decided to do a give-away when I reached 300 likers (people who have clicked like on my Facebook page). I have had a page for the last few months and it has been such an interesting process. I had no idea so many makers and artists were on Facebook and all the fantastic supportive arty people who are interested in the work.

I made a canvas and said I would pick a name out tonight from a tea cup... well so many people entered in the end and there were many supportive people also sharing the photo too...I ended up with lots of people entering I needed a big bowl...

I decided to also give a favourite blue bird card away too...then I decided to give a ginger cat card to someone who had shared the give-away on their pages or profiles. 
Sharing makes a huge difference on Facebook as well as commenting and liking.. phew so much to learn.

Facebook wants page owners to use their give-away app..I looked at it but it required people to share emails and things....I am not keen on this so decided to do mine this way on my blog and then I don't break rules and my page likers don't have to use the give-away app if they don't want to.

Well after writing all the names are the winners..

Jenny Parker wins the canvas
Eireann Strange wins the bluebird card
Jane Greiner wins the ginger cat card

Congrats to you 3 and thanks so much to EVERYONE who took part..Look out for the next one!

Can the winners private message me with your address for me to post off to you x

I have enjoyed stitching dogs...

Sometimes the expressions are so funny and with Free machine work you really just have to go with it! Its hard to be very precise and one stitch can make an eye say something you were not expecting!

These dogs are made into cards and are heading down to a shop in Devon...where people are especially dog lovers.. 

Monday, 19 August 2013

More collaboration..

I asked for ideas for the borders I stitched and here is how they turned out...

Helen wanted a cat and the word sister for her hearts and flowers border.. I love this and was thrilled when Helen sent me her cat with the card... a ginger cat!

Sue asked for a lime and turquoise sewing machine in her bunting border and as a fellow stitcher she has framed this in her sewing room..

See how great is it when ideas come it!

I love to make things to is why..

I am a collaborator...happiest when putting my head together with other people. When not sewing I work for the NHS as a health visitor ... I am so in the habit of negotiating and listening to what will work for other people I can’t help but apply this to my creative endeavours too.

 Here are some baby name picture’s I have just finished. I loved making these and hope the Amelia and Lila will enjoy these when they are older!

Here they are together and on my fireplace..

Saturday, 17 August 2013

300 on my facebook page...giveaway!

I am excited to reach 300 likers on my facebook page...I am getting to grips with all the social media malarky and actually finding if I hang loose to it all it is great fun. And some truly lovely people are out there in cyperspace. Anyway to celebrate I am giving away this Canvas...

You can enter on my facebook page and good luck ! x